What is a Flat Roof and Why Do Commercial Businesses Prefer Them?

Flat commercial roofing denver has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is frequently selected during new house or business construction. A symbol of modernity, the flat roof offers a unique design to every property.

Flat roofing
Besides all this, a flat roof allows:

A possible development of an outdoor space on the roof

An increased amount of natural light in the commercial space thanks to the creation of skylights

No loss of habitable space

Unlike a sloped roof, which is more traditional, a flat roof offers a lot of architectural possibilities for a home or business

How to choose a flat roof’s coating?

Do you have to build or rebuild a flat roof? Two options are available when it comes to coating: asphalt and gravel or an elastomeric membrane. Before making a choice, people must consider several criteria:



The characteristics of the building

There is no bad coating when it comes to commercial roofing denver. The important thing is to select the one that will best meet your expectations and budget.

Asphalt and gravel

This coating is a felt membrane soaked in liquid asphalt which is then covered with gravel. The main advantage of this type of covering compared to the elastomeric membrane is that it is more affordable. It is a durable and practical solution that will ensure the waterproofness of the roof and will protect the building from bad weather as the seasons go by.

In addition, most roofers offer a multi-year warranty with its installation. Of course, if a person neglects roof maintenance, it can deteriorate prematurely.

Elastomer membrane

This is a bilayer membrane system applied to heat and whose joints are fixed to the torch. This type of roof covering is suitable for almost all types of construction. This cover system is extremely light, it is known for its durability and uniformity. It has an approximate lifespan that exceeds the asphalt and gravel overlays by approximately 5 to 10 years.

When to change the cladding of a flat roof?

It is advisable for business owners to inspect their roof – whether it is residential, commercial or industrial – every year. In order to ensure a solid and waterproof roof, experts recommend that owners inspect it during the summer. There are some simple signs that may reveal the state of a roof.

The elastomeric membrane can be folded, deteriorated, and split. As for an asphalt membrane, it may require the addition of extra gravel. Problems are also present if you can see bubbles in the roofing cover. For more information, contact several roofing companies denver and get an estimate.


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